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Thursday, September 12, 2019


Plenary Session


Scheduled Time

Welcome to IMW17 S Treon (Chair) P. Richardson (Co-Chair) 8:00 AM
Keynote Address Hon. Martin Walsh, Mayor of Boston
(Introduction by S. Treon)
8:20 AM
History of IMW R Kyle (Introduction by Ken Anderson)
8:30 AM
IMS President Address: State of the Art for Myeloma in 2019 J San Miguel (Introduction by N Munshi)
 8:40 AM
Precursor Conditions    
Session Chairs R Kyle / F Davies  
Monoclonal Gammopathy of Unknown Significance R Kyle 8:55 AM
Risk factors for MGUS/SMM progression V Rajkumar  9:00 AM
Genomic Profiling: How is MGUS/SM different from Active MM? N Bolli  9:15 AM
Role of the Microenvironment in MGUS progression M Dhodapkar  9:30 AM
MGRS and other Paraprotein Related Conditions J Fermand  9:45 AM
Management of Smoldering Myeloma M Mateos  10:00 AM
New Concepts in Preventing SM Progression I Ghobrial  10:15 AM
Multiple Myeloma: Diagnosis and Management    
Session Chairs M Boccadoro/V Rajkumar  10:30 AM
Diagnostic Criteria and Workup in 2019 S Kumar  10:30 AM
How do we use prognostic factors to Guide Treatment Decisions? P Sonneveld  10:45 AM
When and how should MRD be evaluated in MM? B Paiva  11:00 AM
Should MRD status guide drug development and approval? F Gay  11:15 AM
Challenges with current MM response criteria J Blade  11:30 AM
Imaging Approaches for MM E Zamagni  11:45 AM

Lunch and EXHIBITionS 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Multiple Myeloma Genomics    
Session Chairs R Fonseca/W Chng  
Somatic Variants in Newly Diagnosed MM H Avet-Loiseau  1:00 PM
Clonal Diversity and Evolution in Myeloma N Munshi  1:15 PM
Transcriptome of Malignant Plasma Cells G Morgan  1:30 PM
Epigenomics of Myeloma C Ott  1:45 PM
Signalomics of Malignant Plasma Cells M Raab   2:00 PM
Importance of Microbiome in MM Growth and Survival L Bergsagel  2:15 PM
Multiple Myeloma: Current Treatment Approaches    
Session Chairs P Richardson/M Mateos  
Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Transplant Eligible M Cavo  2:30 PM
Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Myeloma Non-Transplant T Facon  2:45 PM
Consolidation Strategies for MM E Staudtmauer  3:00 PM
Maintenance Strategies for MM P McCarthy  3:15 PM
Treatment Options for Relapsed/Refractory Patients P Moreau  3:30 PM
Treatment Options for Later Relapse and Refractory Patients S Lonial  3:45 PM

Refreshment Break and EXHIBITionS 4:00 - 4:30 PM

Hot Topics in Myeloma    
In 2019, is ASCT the right answer for all transplant eligible MM patients?     4:30 - 5:00 PM
Session Moderators M Cavo/S Zweegman  
Panelists M Mohty/H Goldschmidt/D Siegel/F Gay  
In 2019, when is allogeneic transplant the right answer for MM ?     5:00 - 5:30 PM
Session Moderators S Giralt/H Einsele  
Panelists J Wolf/G Gahrton/W Bensinger/A Krishan  
Keynote Addresses    
What are the critical unanswered questions for MM in 2019? M Dimopoulos (Introduction by N Raje)  5:30 PM
Castleman’s Disease: A Personal Journey DC Fajgenbaum (Introduction by S Treon)  5:45 PM
Day Adjournment   6:00 PM

Opening Ceremonies and Young Investigator Award
Presentations at the Boston Museum of Science - 7:30 PM

Important Information for Speakers and Presenters