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Sunday, September 15, 2019


Plenary Session


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Plenary Session: Late Breaking Abstracts    
Session Chairs F Gay/N van de Donk  
AB900 Circulating Tumor Cells for Comprehensive and Multiregional Non Invasive Genetic Characterization of MM  J Garces  8:00 AM
AB908 Single Cell Characterization of MM Immune Micorenvironment Identifies CD-27-Negative T Cells as Potential Tumor Reactive Lymphocytes  C Botta  8:15 AM
AB904 Melflufen in Relapsed/Refractory MM in Phase 2 Horizon Study: Promising Results in High Risk Population  P Richardson  8:30 AM
AB906 Daratumamab, Lenalidomide, Bortezomib and Dex Improves Depth of Response in Transplant Eligible Newly Diagnosed MM: Griffin Study  P Voorhees   8:45 AM
Great Debates in Myeloma    
Moderators V Rajkumar/MV Mateos  
Should we treat smoldering myeloma? I Ghobrial (Yes) /A Dispenzieri(No) 9:00 AM
Should RVD/KRD be considered the standard frontline induction regimen? P Richardson (RVD) / K Stewart (KRD) 9:20 AM
Should MRD negativity be the end point of therapy? J San Miguel (Yes) / S Jagannath (No) 9:40 AM
Is definitive duration or indefinite lenalidomide the right choice for maintenance? P Moreau (Definitive) / P McCarthy (Indefinite) 10:00 AM
Should monoclonal antibodies be included for induction in every MM patient? S Kastritis (Yes) / P Voorhees (No) 10:20 AM
Will ASCT remain a standard of care in 5 years? P Sonneveld (Yes) / O Landgren (No) 10:40 AM
Clinical Trials in Progress    
Moderators D Reece/T Martin  
North America  S Kumar/R Orlowski 11:00 AM
Europe  S Zweegman/T Facon 11:20 AM
South America  V Hungria 11:40 AM
Asia  L Qui/K Shimizu 12:00 PM
Australia  A Spencer/ J Ho 12:20 PM
Closing Comments Organizers of IMW17 12:40 PM
Welcome to IMW18 Organizers of IMW18  12:50 PM
Program Adjournment   1:00 PM

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